This is us... and we are pretty awesome!

Sugar who?
Sugar Robot Inc. was established in 2009. We create edibles to pretty up your baked goods. Our clientele spans from the home baker to the pro's. Our items are perfect for any level of decorating skill. ++slap on some frosting and throw a butterfly on it - DONE-++

Pay no attention to the man (and girl) behind the curtain:
::But if you really want to know::
Sugar Robot is owned and operated full time by Titu (Tee-Too) and Lisa (the cute one), a fantastic duo with mad crazy creative skills. Lisa is the arteest who loves to create (and bake) Lisa took her first cake decorating class over 10 years ago and can't find an end to the decorating madness. Titu is the man with the plan and a talent for design. He can turn any space into interior design awesomeness. Creatives, Foodies, and Fun Lovin' people.

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